With this great summer weather, lots of people are thinking about finally doing that kitchen remodel or landscape project or basement finish or three-season porch. What are your ideas and dreams? Let’s do it! There are creative ways to finance  your project since you may not have the equity in your home until home values recover…try a loan against your 401K plan or other investments! You can borrow from yourself and pay yourself the interest instead of a lender. Check with your financial advisor about how easy it is to set up.


Your home should reflect your needs, lifestyle and your tastes. We believe in maintaining the design integrity of your home where the line between the old and the new is seamless. Whether building your dream home from the ground up, adding onto your existing home or remodeling your current space, Home Reflections looks forward to building you the “custom home that reflects the way you live.” We strive to provide you with a space that you wouldn’t change even if given the chance to do it all over again.

No news to anyone that the economy continues to be as sluggish as driving in the heavy Feb. 29 snow! In spite of that, many homeowners are taking advantage of re-financing and using new-found cash from their reduced mortgage payments to jump on that remodeling project that’s been on their minds. We have been remodeling basements—a lot of new space for relatively little cost and updating bathrooms and kitchens too! It is a good time to get this inside work done because we all know our thoughts move “outside” with the first sign of Spring. Labor is cheaper and more readily available RIGHT NOW. Let’s talk about your ideas!